Allard came to me in September 2003. He had had some halter work but he had never had a saddle or a rider. The first time I got on him was in October with a bareback pad.

I spent awhile long-lining him to teach him basic steering. His first show was a CDS Dressage Show at Earl Warren in the walk-trot Intro classes.

We went to another CDS show at Earl Warren and the quiet atmosphere helped Allard to get used to being at a showground and working with other horses in the warm up ring.

By July we were ready to try the Freisian division at the Santa Barbara National. With all the flags and new sights and new noises at this show I felt I needed something more than a snaffle, as his steering was still very rough, so I switched him to a short pelham.

His first class in the dome was a walk-trot class. He was very good but also wanted to look at everything. It took all my strength to keep him from turning his head and looking up into the grandstands.


By the second class he had settled down a bit. This was his first canter class and I was very proud of him that he placed 4th out of 11 Freisians.

By the last day we were having a blast. His third class was his first evening class, it was Freisian Stallions and Geldings, with 12 entries. When he came into the arena and saw the audience and the lights and the cheering he picked his feet up just like a saddlehorse.


Ventura County Fair August 2004

(last year at Ventura was when I did the bungee jump and nothing has been the same since)

This first photo is neat except that bob adjusted the color and made my face look like a mannequin.


Allard did the line up perfectly. He just does it naturally. That's him in the very center.


This next picture I was way forward and up out of the saddle at the canter with 50 lbs of pressure on each rein and still smiling. Allard likes all that pressure and puckers his nose up. He is so green that sometimes I just have to steer by raw force.

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