Traveling can be tiring, even for Bengals.

At the hotels Dawnstar Robocat would find the towel racks,

make himself comfortable, and have a good yawn.

(Photo from 1996)

Then Robocat would settle down for a long nap.

Bravo enjoyed relaxing in the hotel rooms and sampling the room service menus.

During their travels across the USA, Bravo wrote

Click on the above link if you wish to read his opinions about

restaurants, hotels, and airplanes from a cat's-eye view.

The following letter from the President of TICA

was a reward for all the good times Bravo and Robocat

shared with exhibitors along the way.

Coming Soon: The adventures of Robocat in

"Robocat Becomes A Gypsy!"

see a video of 3 cats on an exercise wheel

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