Here are some photos of kittens Dawnstar has produced over the years.

Dawnstar is presenting loving cats with an exotic look.
They are intelligent, creative, and interactive cats with a certain presence all their own. They can add new qualities to your life.

The picture below is Dawnstar Lazurite, who is an SBT.

Lazzy has been neutered and retired and is happily living in his new home. To read about his escapades, look at Lazzy's New Home.

Pictured below is Ch. Dawnstar Rude Awakening.

This is Dawnstar Emerald City. She has fantastic rosettes and small ears.

These two girls are Ch. Dawnstar Sapphire and Dawnstar Shining Moon. Sapphire was voted Breeders' Choice best lighted tummy kitten at On Safari 2000 in New Jersey.

The next photo is of Dawnstar Eve. She is a wonderful glittered rosetted girl who rode all the way to Tucson and back to a cat show (7 hours each way) with not one single meow, but propped herself up to watch the scenery and enjoyed the ride.

The next picture is Dawnstar Dreamcatcher of TIJAH, who is living in Australia.

The kitty in the foreground of the next photo is Dawnstar Morganite, who is living in Finland.

The next photo is Dawnstar Phantom Menace who now lives in his new home on the East Coast.

The following photo is Dawnstar Shango, who is a beautiful example of a Bengal.

Ch. Dawnstar Heart and Soul, shown in the next photo, is a beautiful marble.