This page shows an assortment of Dawnstar cats and kittens who have been placed in loving pet homes.

Bengals are especially fond of objects d'art that move. Here is Leilani shown with a bubble lamp. Leilani went to a pet home as a kitten early in 2001, and here she is as a young adult.

Here are Dostresos and Artemus in a picturesque window in their pet home.

Pixie was offered a drink from the faucet, and now she insists on drinking from the faucet at every opportunity.

Here are some beautiful pet kittens Cyrus and Aurora in their home which they share with a wonderful couple. Part of the home is a musician's studio. When not resting, the cats dream of disconnecting cables, but their people manage to stay one step ahead of them. Maybe Bengal-inspired music will be the wave of the future.

Tabula Raza flew across the country and back to a cat show only to find happiness in a California home where he and his brother Mycroft keep their new person loved and entertained.

Mycroft is amazed at what can be done with the simple things in life like a feather duster.

Here is a photo of beautiful Leo at Easter.

Here is Leo with the Farm Chickens.

And here he is peeking thru the stairs.

Claudius has a cat's dream come true of things to do. Here are three pictures of him at home in Northern California.

Dawnstar kittens and cats are guaranteed to be silly some of the time. Katznjamr Ytwok of Dawnstar is quite a character and enjoys interaction and attention. Here she is pictured riding in her red wagon. Ytwok has been spayed and is now living with her adoptive purrsons in Washington.