Here is Dharma in her new home with her friend Bungee.

The next photo shows that both cats can remain focused and intent.

To hear a bit of their story click on Bungee And Dharma.

Maceo didn't take very long to figure out the world. He is looking into computers from all possible angles and realizing it is a good area for getting attention.

Sherlock, also known as Tabula Raza, and his buddy Mycroft recently moved across the country. It didn't take them very long to find interesting things to do in their new location.

Sherlock and Mycroft have already achieved great heights, and yet they continue to look upward.

Tigger has a comfortable yawn on his sofa.
He now resides with his purrson in Hawaii.

And a moment to remember, Zena stands directly over a wild mouse on the railing of her patio.

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