At Dawn Star first we build a solid foundation of riding basics and horse care.

Lessons are built upon understanding the elements of horse, rider, and the natural world.

The building blocks are carefully put together.

Focus and determination is built that could be struck by lightening and still continue.....

****I have had several people ask me about these rocks and to hear more of the story. Dena creates beautiful and elaborate rock gardens for her clients. She would actually ride her horse out into the wilderness to collect the "perfect rocks" and haul them back on horseback to her car. The garden and pond pictured above are one of her creations. While she was out in the boondocks she was struck by lightening more than once.

Disclaimer: by sharing this story with you, it is in no way being implied that anyone needs to be struck by lightening in order to learn to ride......

Our students ask nature and the universe to understand the power of the horse.

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