Here are Smooth and Pixie since they have assumed the role of alarm clocks. They are currently waking their purrson up at precisely 7:03 am.

Bengals often make friends with other types of animals. Here is Topaze shown with Elsie the Cow.

Rico went to his new home in 1998.

He and his purrson have a deep devotion to each other.

Reilly keeps an eye on things from the back of the sofa.

Amy has leashed trained her kitty and he goes for neighborhood walks.

She has put a great deal of time into training him.

He makes sure his purrson believes she is in control, but he still does as he pleases.

Oya and Manchester (the dog) are great friends.

Manchester likes her to groom him, and Oya doesn't mind having such a large job.

Here Fortune Cookie predicts that there will be a future of laid-back days on textured carpeting.

see a video of 3 cats on an exercise wheel