In one of my more intelligent teenage moments, here is a photo from a show at Flintridge Riding Club in "Back Alley Jumpers," which is a costume class and all the jumps are weird. Like a real chicken coop with real chickens, picnic tables, balloons, etc.

I was riding my horse named Lollipop, and my choice of costume was a sailor's suit to go as "The Good Ship Lollipop." As decoration I had brilliantly hung a styrofoam lifesaver from the right side of the saddle, and when we started galloping it bounced up and down thwaking Lollipop on the butt. His eyes got very big. However I was not to be dissuaded, and here he was clearning this jump by a mile, jumping in very unusual form. Notice the rubber ducks on the rail of the jump.

When I clipped Lollipop I would put his trademark on his rump. Here is a picture of him at Indio.

Heavy at the Forum in the Gambler's Choice class.
This was the 100 point fence, a 5 foot square oxer.

This was a wall at Cow Palace.
This was when he was enjoying going in a hackmore.

Now, going back into more ancient times, here I am, a teenager, one of the very few times I ever wore a dress, and my hairdo was right in style.<g> I had a horse called Top Marshall, and we won the year-end Reserve Champion Junior Jumper for LA County. The person presenting the trophy was Bob Hubbard, then president of LA County.

My teenage artwork inspired by the Lord of the Rings' character Gandalf.

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