Are you looking for a pet?

Dawnstar Kittens come in Traditional Spotted (Leopard) and Marbled patterns.

Dawnstar Kittens are trained to ride in a little red wagon and to play fetch. Some are more easily trained than others.

Some Dawnstar Kittens are adventurous, and some are laid back.

After a long day of activity Bengals need to rest.

They will always find some form of entertainment.

Dawnstar pets are placed with a neuter/spay contract. If you are interested in one of my kittens, please let me know what you are looking for, and tell me about the home you would provide for my kitten.

Here are Bravo and Scorchin, parents of some beautiful Dawnstar kittens in the past.

Picture a Dawnstar Kitten in your living room.

Here is a picture of Ch. Dawnstar Havoc with her kittens.

In the past years I have retired (spayed/neutered) some of my Bengals and placed them in loving pet homes where each one can be king or queen of an entire house, with lots of cozy places to curl up, lots of devotion from special purrsons, and lots of toys to play with. I have left pictures up on my main pages in honor of these cats who have contributed so much. Look on my Available Cat/Kittens page for photos of currently available kittens and cats.