Lazzy's doing great! We love how high energy he is. He hardly ever doesn't want to play, and makes a sincere effort to be awake whenever we are (we gathered this from the fact that we hardly ever see him sleep).


He's become our pen bandit... anything shaped like a pen- regular pencils, mechanical pencils, normal pens, soft grip pens, and even a screw driver. We have to hide them in drawers. Right now we're exprimenting with given him softened rawhide sticks as a replacement. They're a good substitute, because he will also try to take our pens out of our hands as we're writing!


Lazzy is remarkably friendly. After he got used to us and the whole apartment, he had absolutely no fear of anyone else who came over. We've had friends over to see the new apartment and he plays with them as though he's known them his whole life!


Lucky for us, our cabinet doors are too heavy for him to open. He has, however, learned to open our doors! The doors in our apartment have handles rather than knobs, and he's learned to jump up and pull them down. Fortunately, the door to the outside opens inward, not outward, so his trick doesn't work. We also keep that one locked as much as possible just in case.


Lazzy's also been great company. Even when we're not playing with him, he will bring his toys into the room we're in and play there. When David's in his Lazy boy computer chair, Lazzy will jump on the fluffy headrest and take a nap. He's also gotten on our laps on occasion when we're not typing on the keyboard.


Thank you so much for letting us adopt Lazzy! He's made a wonderful addition to our home, and we look forward to spoiling him for a long time.


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