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photos from the early 80's

Link to Paulie Zink

The Lesson of the Alamo

a few words on

ICAT International Cat Agility Tournaments

cat agility in the 1980's

excerpts from Energy Awareness Newsletter,
Spring 1987 issue

excerpts from Energy Awareness Newsletter,
Summer 1987 issue

The Medicine Wheel

Baby Owls
on Memorial Day 2005


Mother's paintings

Water Rises
(buddhist essay from Parabola Magazine)

brief excerpts (quoting Charles Belyea) from

another quote from Charles Belyea
from Yoga Journal 1995

a creaky old tower
a story about cats, spiders, strawman creatures, and a woman
who spent a great deal of time in the top of an old tower

Cohen, Knopfler, and Dylan: What It Is

Cats ponder wisdom of rock star David Bowie

cat notecards by Laura Barnes

The Suburban Nightmare

December 31, 2004

The Canopener Book

a parody of j.r.r.tolkien's book The Hobbit.
the main characters in the first chapters resemble
AHSA Stock Seat Medal Finals Winners in their quest for trophies. 1966.

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