The Rat Robot Toy
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do you think it's fun when your cat looks like this, just full of the cat magic that makes an ordinary day into something more......

rat robot toys are available for you and your cat.
this state-of-the-art toy isn't just for your cat as you develop your skills at maneuvering and coordinating the radio-controlled rat with your cat's movements.

this toy was previewed briefly at 2005 On Safari, the crown-jewel of Bengal gatherings. the demand was great, and those who were looking for the "rat robot lady" have now found her online. your cats will start out somewhat curious and inspect the rat, which is quite large and doesn't move until you push the button. when it gets going, though, the red eyes light up and the rat spins and zooms wherever you direct it, depending on your skills. a smooth floor gets the rat going very fast and tantalizes your cats in their own turning skills. they start out as curious onlookers

but soon their eyes are aglow with the fun and excitement of the rat robot as you interact by running the controls.

online ordering info for the Rat Robot Toy at
Island Of Mew

*speculation about the history of the Island of Mew, also known as the Lost Continent of Mu,
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