please read this story if you are considering adopting a cat or kitten
may 2007

the story of

a beautiful kitten named Dawnstar Orisha was born in 1995. she went to a few shows and enjoyed her traveling adventures. in 1996 she participated in a vaccine study that required her to be microchipped, and the microchip registry she signed up with was called InfoPet.

over the next couple years Orisha raised two litters of beautiful babies which were placed in loving homes. In 1998 Orisha was spayed and i was looking for her future forever adoptive home. I found what seemed to be just the right family, and after lots of phone conversations, emails, and pictures, it was decided that Orisha would go to live with them in the santa cruz area of ca. i believed that the family would treasure orisha as a lifelong family pet.

that was nine years ago that orisha had been placed in her adoptive home. one day in april 2007 the phone rang and it was a representative from InfoPet telling me that my cat Orisha was in the humane society in Santa Cruz. Even tho her microchip was still in my name, the InfoPet people were diligent in their work of finding lost pets. It crossed my mind that she must have gotten out, and i looked thru my paperwork from years ago to contact the people who had bought her. turned out the phone number was no longer valid, the people must have moved.

i talked with the humane society officers, gave them the info i had, and all of us proceeded to contact people with a similar name living in the nearby area. still thinking the best about people, i thought they must have moved recently and orisha got out, and they would be reuinted. nobody had contacted the humane society looking for orisha, nor had they answered ads in the newspaper for a "found" cat. the humane society officers said that even tho she was 12 years old, that if she was medically ok that she could be put up for adoption there. i was thinking of ways to coordinate the adoption via my website, but still was thinking that the owners were in the area and would want to claim her. i had also found a couple people in the santa cruz area who said they might be interested in adopting her when the time came that she was available.

right about that time i unexpectly found myself in the hospital with congestive heart failure, which in itself has been quite a life-changing event. i am thankful for the wonderful care the doctors and nurses gave me. i just had to trust that things were going ok for orisha, as i had my hands full at home.

today i called the humane society, hoping that the owners had shown up. it turned out that orisha hadn't even reached the stage of adoption. about the time i went into the hospital, she had taken a turn for the worse and stopped eating completely. because of her age and her deteriorated health, she had been euthanized.

it was nine years ago i placed her in her adoptive home, and what i wonder is how long she had been a "stray." was it just a few weeks, or the better part of nine years. when i place a cat or kitten, if it doesn't work out, i would at the least expect the persons to rehome the cat appropriately, and my contract states that in such a case i am willing to help with the rehoming. this family had sounded fine, what happened that orisha was left abandoned to become a stay? i hope that all people who consider adopting a kitten or cat are intent on making it a lifelong committment.

in honor of Dawnstar Orisha, a beautiful, proud, and playful momma kitty, i am hoping her story will help people understand the lifelong committment involved when adopting a pet.

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